How to ask guidance and assistance from the Angels?

Angels use specific methods to communicate their presence to us. Their language at first is a subtle one and it may feel like mere coincidence and therefore it is easy to dismiss their messages of caution, comfort, love and support that they offer daily.

One of the most productive times to gain spiritual insight, wisdom and understanding about the dynamics of life and how best to maneuver through them is in the dreaming. During sleep, we are totally relaxed and all the concerns of the day are no longer a priority. Since our bodies are consistently picking up on all kinds of sensory input. During sleep, all this input is then translated into images and words that take place in the dreaming. It therefore makes perfect sense to invite the Angels to impart their divine guidance and insights during the dream states as we are open and receptive to their influence.

Burn some cedar and light a blue candle. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Dreams, Divination and Oracles. Call on Archangel Gabriel and say “Archangel Gabriel enter my dreams tonight and send me a dream oracle that allows me to discover solutions that may assist me in moving through this situation, relationship, belief, and/or habit”. Or “Archangel Gabriel, enter my dreams tonight and send me a dream oracle filled with fresh new ideas and inspiration for my project, book, painting etc.”

Even if you typically someone that doesn’t usually recall dreams, connecting with Archangel Gabriel will shift your consciousness and therefore open your sixth sense – your extra sensory perception that is ON all the time but we have forgotten how to develop it and use it to assist us in coming up with solutions to our issues and new ideas.

Angels also use Numbers to get our attention. Have you ever looked at your watch or a license plate, an address and see a recurring number? For example, 222 or 333? These are called Angel Numbers. Angel Numbers is one of the most basic and purest forms of communication there is. It forms the basis of our entire reality and language. Therefore, when asking for Angelic Guidance pay attention to this as well. The guidance may come in the form of Numbers or Symbols.

Tuning-in to and communicating with your guardian angels can be done at anytime and anywhere you wish. The angels wait for us to ask for their help and guidance, and revel in the opportunity to assist us, with unconditional love.